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Ironically i was going to upload this yesterday but was too hung over to do the commentary. i still cant find the video this was meant to be a response to so for now you'll have to just make do with the dude's channel: call of duty modern warfare 3 commentary. the gameplay is amazing i know. awesome beyond epic. a while back i saw a video by youtuber bread who was chatting about one of his most drunken experiences so i suppose you could say i'd been planning this video for a while - not that any real planning went into it at all :D the match is pretty decent. 30-6. my best score of all time in call of duty if i'm not very much mistaken tags cod call of duty mw3 modern warfare three smokeycow fps pp90 gold camo ump akimbo pedator missile moab copter overwatch killstreak grenade flash stun claymore tejb seananners machinima sandy ravage etc