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Your ability to create content and use the Internet without fear is threatened by two bills currently in Congress. Imagine a bleaker version of the year 1980. The "Stop Online Piracy Act" (HR 3261) and the "PROTECT IP Act" (S. 968) would create such a world by enacting powerful deterrents to free expression by ordinary individuals on the Internet. Fearing malicious and false accusations of copyright infringement, which could result in protracted and costly legal battles, as well as criminal penalties and the elimination of the content they worked so hard to create, many people might not bother contributing to an open Internet culture anymore. That would create a true dark age and reverse the Internet's tremendous worldwide liberating influence. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate to denounce SOPA in public. See "Ron Paul only GOP candidate to publicly denounce SOPA" - by Josh Peterson - The Daily Caller - Resources * "Stop Online Piracy Act" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - * "PROTECT IP Act" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - * "Chris Dodd" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - * "In Fight Over Piracy Bills, New Economy Rises Against Old" by Jonathan Weisman - The New York Times - January 18, 2012 * "Two PROTECT IP sponsors drop support for their own bill" by Iain Thomson - The Register - January 18, 2012 - DONATE: