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Listen to LibriVox Community Podcast #122 hosted by Bob Gonzalez (bobgon55).

Download audio file (librivox_community_podcast_122.mp3)

Duration: 51m. 27s.

Part Two of a Two-Part Series on Performing in LibriVox Dramatic Works.

With contributions from Carol Box, Linny, Elizabeth Klett, Arielle Lipshaw, David Barnes, Ezwa, JemmaBlythe, Denny Sayers, Andy Minter, and Algy Pug.

Bob Gonzalez: Intro and Preview of the show 00:00
Carol Box (carolb) on her experience reading dramatic parts for LibriVox 01:02
Linny on The Orange-Yellow Diamond and dramatic adaptations of fiction 03:24
Bob Gonzalez on working with Elizabeth Klett and Arielle Lipshaw 06:41
Elizabeth Klett (gloriana) dispelling a scandalous rumor 11:09
Arielle Lipshaw (wildemoose) on her LibriVox dramatic experiences 14:39
Bob Gonzalez on Barks & Purrs by Colette-Willy 21:22

King Lear in a week

Bob Gonzalez Intro 25:32
David Barnes (earthcalling) on the origin of the project 25:54
Ezwa on playing the King of France 31:55
JemmaBlythe on playing Regan 33:34
Denny Sayers (DSayers) on playing the Earl of Kent 35:05
Andy Minter (ExEmGee) on playing King Lear 38:38

Bob Gonzalez on his suggestion to Algy Pug 42:32
Algy Pug on “Why Another Two Lears?” 43:55

Bob Gonzalez – Conclusion & Outro 49:59

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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