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What is OnTheLine: Extreme Sailing? One fearless production team ventures to capture what many consider the most grueling test of human ability, where everything is OnTheLine. OnTheLine is a show within a show. The main story follows a misfit production team lead by an egocentric Producer who's career is in the balance. His hard-headed Director doesn't make things any easier as they try to contain their maniac camera crew that just wants to play. A mysterious backer controls the purse strings as well as the connections within the sailing world, all of which are key to the successful production of their TV series. OnTheLine moves seamlessly from fiction to reality by integrating real experiences and events from current premier sailing races and teams as well as cameo appearances from Newport's many famed sailing personalities. The viewer will get a true sense of what the competitive sailing lifestyle is all about as cast members are thrown into humorous, high-profile and potentially life-threatening scenarios. They may not know it yet, but they are in for one hell of a ride! OnTheLine will launch as an interactive web and app series so you as the viewer can interact in real-time from anywhere! Get onto our open-set and be a part of the show. Each episode deals with real situations as the cast interacts with real sailing crews, fans and the social elite. The series will feature cameo appearances from the likes of PUMA Ocean Racing Skipper Ken Read, to A-List celebrity ...