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Visit for the latest sustainability and CSR headlines. One of the things that Sustainalytics is very involved in is it's trying to bring new ideas into the market and try to create dialog and debate and discussion in regards to how environmental social governance issues can influence investment decision makings and we try to think outside of the box a little bit. Another thing that Sustainalytics likes to do is partner with other groups and organizations that may have a slightly different approach to the issues than we do. So Sustainalytics has partnered with Oddo securities which is a Paris headquartered, traditional sale side brokerage shop and we have looked at the issue of transportation and mobility across a range of sectors, rail, marine, air travel to examine I think in an innovative way how issues like climate change and other environmental and social issues are going to impact those industries broadly speaking. And of course, what we found is certain sectors can benefit from some of the sustainability driven changes we are seeing in the world, others are facing risks in that regard and then within those sectors, you see companies who understand the opportunities or not. And I think for investors every investor is trying to get an edge and at the end of the day, as an investor, don't you want to know everything you possibly can about a company? That's really the game. There is always going to be a risk in investing in a company but you are always ...