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Malda: Six newborns died in the Malda district hospital on Thursday night within six hours made everyone in worry. The Hospital doctors said that the reason behind the babies’ death was severe cold.

The babies were aged between 1 and 70 days. More than 50 children are also suffering from the same cold and in the stage of lose their lives. On Friday, the mercury touched 8.8°C in Malda. Five of the six newborns were born in Malda district hospital and rest of the one was taken to hospital for the treatment of cold.

Jahanara Khatum of Manikchak took her 70-day-old baby to Malda district hospital for the treatment of respiratory problems on Thursday. Anjana Mandal of Kaliachak gave birth to a baby in the hospital on Wednesday, lost it soon after.

Soma Sinha of Ratuna, mother of a 5-day-old baby lost her baby on Friday morning and Salma Biwi of Kaliachak saw her baby dying in front of her eyes. Malsa Khatum of Kaliachak, mother of a 11-day-old baby and Rakhi Das of Chanchal, mother of a 2-day-old baby lost their babies in Malda district hospital.

“Most of the babies were suffering from respiratory problems due to the severe cold wave sweeping the district. We tried our best to treat them, but could not”, Dr R Samanta, Superintendent of the Malda district hospital said.

On November 8th, 128 children were died in this hospital. A Sick Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) was opened in this hospital after the death of 128 children. The doctors suggested that the difference in the temperature of mother’s womb and the atmosphere was not fit for the babies.

Samanta said, “It is true that the SNCU helps the sick babies immensely. But the number of seats in the unit being only 12, most of the babies do not find place there”.

Malda:Six newborns died within six hours
Originally published on: All India Today

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