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CLICK HERE TO START: LIVE CHAT WITH RUSS AND CHAD OF HEY KILLER!! Wednesdays, 12pm-3pm EST at: Oh, and they leave it on a lot randomly during the week while they work. Like them on Facebook to get notified when they're online! Submit your favorite Youtube videos by sending a message directly to heykillerfilms on Youtube, on the Hey Killer Facebook at, on Twitter @heykillerfilms, or by email at Another holiday week results in another laid back episode of Movie Quest for this episode. Russ and Chad are still playing catch-up as they now have so many great entries, submissions from weeks ago are finally getting into the show! Great job as always by the Indy Mogul Filmmaker Community! Check out Russ and Chad's favorite four of the week, along with a new video they collaborated with Justin Johnson of Indie Machines on! For iPhone/iPad users, check out the videos by clicking the links below: Our NEW Short Film!: Doug Scrooge: Not Forgotten, Not Forgiven: Revelations: Scoped: Movie Quest Outro: CQV Films 2011 Montage: You Are The One: Click the link at the top of this list to watch all the videos in the proper order.