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We turned now our last year of traveling into 4 separate Travel eBooks. So from each past 3 month stays (Savannah, Oviedo, Buenos Aires, Bolivia) we produced books available now as Mobi, PDF file and available as an eBook on Kindle. That’s all good but how do you get people to buy your book?

Well, we generated couple of sales and the books being mostly sold are the Savannah and Buenos Aires Book.  Oviedo is very slow but right now it’s not the season to travel there ( too cold and rainy) and Bolivia was just released couple of days ago.

Maybe the main selling point is probably the connections our blog readers have with our site, purchasing the book because they enjoyed reading our site. The price of it  $7.99 seems fair and after the cut from the Bookseller we still make a decent amount from it.

We asked our readers to mention it on their twitter and facebook which really helped in increasing the sales.

But what are other ways to market the travel books? I invested couple of $$$ in Adwords but can’t really tie back a sale to those ads. I was looking to submit the books to eBook directories but most them are only for Free Books! No luck, I wish there was a directory for pay travel books!

Now selling the books on Amazon opens the door to a lot of potential buyers, that said the eBook market will multiply by 10 times in the next 5 years ( Thanks to the Kindle fire) but it’s almost like it’s with Google, you need to show up in search results as high as possible on the keywords which apply to your book.

For example if I take the keywords “buenos aires guide” for the Buenos Aires book I land on page 2 position 22 (checked again, now it’s # 17). That’s not terrible butd I wish we would be on page 1! Now how can I increase that position?

The more books you sell, reviews being written about it, stars given, liked and tagged the higher you will rank in the Amazon search results = the more sales you will make.

Today I’m running a special promotion on the Savannah Guide, it’s enrolled to the Amazon Select program (more by mistake) they have a great promotional tool where you can set up days to offer your book for free. This promotion is running right now!!!!

Check it out (only today 12/30/2011): Free Savannah Travel Guide

We are hoping to receive couple of stars, tags, likes and reviews. So feel free to secure your Savannah For 91 Days guide now and we hope you like it enough to give some feedback.

Also, if you published eBooks feel free to let us know. I will start a list of Travel eBooks below.

How do you promote your eBooks, do you have any tips for us? Please leave a comment!

Here now the list of awesome eBooks (staring with ours )

Savannah GuideOviedo GuideBuenos Aires GuideBolivia Travel Book