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or im gonna write a huge essay so ignore this if you want to but i want you to know how thankful i am for all of you supporting me! your making my dreams come true and also giving me the opportunity to do things like this! if i didn't make a youtube account there would be no way i would ever swim with sharks! I'm so scared of them! but now I'm kinda realising that you should do everything you can when you have the chance, who cares if you don't know what the outcome will be or if your a little bit scared, its worth doing something different and trying it! i used to be scared of singing in front of my family but now its so much fun! so if you ever want to do something but your scared or worried what people will think then don't pay attention, do what you love and don't let anyone get in the way of your dreams :)i love you all so much!now heres some stuff i learnt about sharks... p.s, I'm not scared of them any more :DGrey Nurse sharks are listed as a critically endangered species under Commonwealth law.Due to overfishing in past decades, the number of grey nurse sharks in NSW waters has declined significantly. They were protected in 1984 and subsequently listed as an endangered species. Today their numbers are so low that sadly they remain in danger of becoming extinct. Despite their fierce appearance, grey nurse sharks are not known to be aggressive towards humans, they are a passive species with teeth designed for capturing prey such as fish and rays.Ebs xxx