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Radio Disney's NBT Season 4 Finale Concert Cody Simpson with special performances by Shealeigh, and Zack Montana Americana, Glendale, California 12/7/11 This concert was filmed for Radio Disney and Disney Channel. I LOVE this song! I was so sad when I found out it wasn't going to be on his Coast to Coast EP, but he confirmed it's going to be in his debut album! He looked at me at 3:16 and 3:55. I thought it was SO cute that he called out Shealeigh, whom won Radio Disney's NBT Season 4. His team didn't pick anyone yet and I was really hoping he would pick it out himself from the audience, but I guess not :( But it was still so cute! I was front row center (I caught Zack Montana's aviators!), and the whole time I was just smiling, gazing into his eyes, and singing along to all of Cody's songs, so I knew when he looked at me during a lot of the songs. I noticed he kept looking at me during the beginning of "Angel". Like, every time when he's not closing his eyes and singing his soul out, he'd open his eyes, and our eyes would always meet! It was pretty magical. Also during "All Day," I was dancing to the song, and during this "cha-ching" part he was looking at me and I did this one move, then he totally did it after me -__- Lols, and during one part of "All Day," I was putting my hand on my heart and singing to him, then he looked at me, did the same to his and pointed to me! He also looked and pointed to me when he sang "I mean every word I say" during "iYiYi"....then I met ...