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Purchase "Come home to me" on iTunes and support Paul: smooth relaxing beautiful music, no words, a gentle instrumental, Take a break from your busy lifeCome Home to meby Paul Collier (c) 2010 All rights reservedNEW!! Download mp3 in high quality mp3 from....http://www.PaulFromStokeUK.comI have wrote this music for all that wish to fade into positive dreams/day dreams, and in particular for people who have negative thoughts intruding their mind, OCD type thoughts/Anxious thoughts also. The instructions are simple....1.) Look at the picture and imagine yourself there2.) Allow your breathing to gently become one with the music and close your eyes.This can provide deep relaxation, if you focus on the picture, build a story inside your head of positive events/people/animals/anything really, The music slows down gradually throughout the whole piece. YouTube only allows my video's to be 10 minutes maximum, but the full version of this is 14 minutes. If you enjoy it please do download it from my website...http://www.PaulFromStokeUK.comIf you struggle to relax your body, or if being tense has become the norm for you, try this....Tense your feet, then on the count of 5 gently relax them, then do the same for your knees, and every part of your body, until you do this for your face muscles.I really hope this helps someone. I have had personal experience with OCD and have learnt that a sureway NOT to deal with it is to try and "think away" the obsessive thoughts. but a sure way to make progress in dealing with this chemical imbalence is to DISTRACT YOURSELF for at least 10 minutes, tensing and relaxing your muscles, creating a story, a fantastic happy story where you are the star/main character, listening to this music which may assist further in guiding you to a peaceful place may keep your thoughts your own for just long enough to resist whatever compulsion the damaged circuit in your brain may have created. Also, to make this even stronger, Theta brainwave frequenceis are embedded to guide your brain to a most natural relaxing state. Doing this often may result in the undesired behaviour becoming less forceful. Please remember... It is not you! it is your ocd! its just a circuit in the brain with rusty hard to move levers, it is not you! it is your ocd.I value your feedback and support. If you enjoy this, why not send the link/video to your friends.Here is the link for the image used... wish you much peace.Paul :)