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CLICK HERE TO START: LIVE CHAT WITH RUSS AND CHAD OF HEY KILLER!! Wednesdays, 12pm-3pm EST at: Oh, and they leave it on a lot randomly during the week while they work. Like them on Facebook to get notified when they're online! Movie Quest is the show where we give you a topic and you submit your favorite Youtube videos around that theme! And your hosts, Russell Hasenauer and Chad Newhall, make a brand new short film based on that theme, each and every week! Submit your favorite Youtube videos by sending a message directly to heykillerfilms on Youtube, on the Hey Killer Facebook at, on Twitter @heykillerfilms, or by email at This week, it's all about you guys! It's our monthly FREE-FOR-ALL, where we look EXCLUSIVELY at the best short films created by subscribers and Movie Quest fans! On top of that, we've got a new short film to debut at the top of the playlist, "Poisoned!", based on a video we had done a few years ago. For iPhone/iPad users, check out the videos by clicking the links below: This Week's NEW Original Short Film!: The Sniper: Fingerbang: How Not to Approach Johnny Yong Bosch At A Convention: The Setup: Movie Quest Outro: Mississippi Joe: Click the link at the top of this list to watch all the videos in the proper order.