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Hi All, Just wanted to share with you my last project; my home made arcade cabinet that plays HyperSpin and Xbox360. You Can even add the PS3 (if I had one). Because the components I've used are from the 3 in 1 Arcade stick Pro. It took me about a month to build this one from scratch with no plan only the one that I had in my head :). I've uploaded a couple of videos. In this video you can see the arcade machine how it looks and acts with HyperSpin MAME. In the other video You will see more HyperSpin Themes and we'll take a quick look to the back of the machine. And in the last video I'm showing you that the controls also actually work on the XBOX360. NOTE I do not have to plug the controls from HyperSpin to the XBOX, because they are already connected with a split USB cable that goes to the pc and the XBOX  Let me know in the comments what you think about it and give me a heads up if you want a video about a specific part of the cabinet or a "how to ". Enjoy! PS The cabinet will get a Trackball in the empty space between the joysticks in the very near future :). I actually do have a question about this I was thinking to get something like Apple's Magic Trackpad instead of a Trackball to play games like "House of the dead" that I play normally with the mouse. Anyone got an idea if this actually could work out and is a smart/dumb idea?