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Sponsor: LRN.FM - Ron Paul Bailout panel whitewashes Fed guilt. Some of the video in this clip is available for you to use commercially...Any part of the clip that I've added a super to that includes the phrase "" All such segments are public domain until further notice. Image from Dan Ancona licns CCA2.0Gen How you can buy an ad: bailouts ron paul commission new hampshire financial crisis 2008 panic free state project stimulus live free or die big spending dave ridley report peter schiff ridleyreport texas straight talk. liberty hyperinflation zimbabwe staters. occupy wall street weimar germany nh federal reserve. public domain end the fed campaign for liberty. raw video bankers banksters gm general motors too big to fail, libertarian eurozone news, debt deal greece italy merkel. ron paul bailouts 2012 election campaign financial crisis panic banksters end the fed too big to fail eurozone debt greece, Tea party illustration Obama, racist allegation draws racism claims Indie reporter lawsuit demands Ayotte access, latest hearing Dec. 5 Liberty update: There is some sort of hearing Dec 5. related to NH indie journalist Chris King and his access to Kelly Ayotte events. Click details below, if available, or see video descrip for more info.