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JOE'S PODHOLE Episode 2: Josey Scott from Saliva brings the Podhole aboard his tour bus, and fields questions about sex, car crashes and European Ecstasy kids in this never-before-heard interview. He also jams as the first contestant the Hooray For Pornowood game show. Podhole Girl Heather also makes her debut this episode. This show kicks more ass than you do. Our music picks this week will leave your ears needing a cigarette. Check out Monster Patrol by Van Davis, Shake Yourself by The Needles, Breed by Otep, and Smooth Breakdancin Guy by Trey Green. Don't miss our in-studio discussions on dogs, yardwork, the Creed reunion, racist McDonalds, mexican judges, unfair karma and a ton of other crap to make your day go by faster. Intro music: Screaming Chicken by Joboj. Transitional music: First Date by Danko Jones, The Banishment by Prong, Hotel Hippy Hangout by Zombie Met Girl. Listener Mail music: Dirt Floor Stomp by David Thornton. Muzac throughout by Al Phillip and the Woo Team. All artists can be found on the Podsafe Music Network,