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It's finally time to take on Kuja and defeat him. The end of this fight (before the fight ends, not after) happens to be one of the most awesome parts of the game IMO, and after the battle as well. Fight Start: 1:10 Fight End: 4:06 *Plot* *Spoilers for video* Kuja finally shows up and takes you on. However, the end of the fight reveals his reason for fighting you was not to win, it was to lose to you so that he could go into Trance. As you found out in the Mog's Trance & Meltigemini video, he discovers anyone can go into Trance and how it's done, so he does it in this fight right before you finish him off. Kuja, having already been strong enough for the party to barely take him on this far in the game transforms into his Trance version. Which, unlike everyone else, appears to be a permanent transformation, and also just like others Trances, increases his power so much that no one stands a chance against him now. Garland reveals that Kuja was his first "Angel of death" and that he put a time limit on his life span so that Zidane would eventually take his place. Kuja doesn't believe it at first, but then freaks out when he does and decides to destroy Terra with his new powers... *Strategy* Since Kuja is basically not taking this fight seriously and WANTS you to beat him, it's not hard. If you're really worried, having Thunder resistant armor in some way renders his Thundaga nearly useless.