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'Like' us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - Visit us on PRESENTED BY JOSEPH KELLEY BROUGHT TO YOU IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE SKYELAB MUSIC GROUP http Cinematographer: Chris O'Konski The Shake are four, young NYC-based musicians who play Rock n Roll. While the majority of the New York scene has proven intent upon integrating gadgets, triggers and pedals to curate something original, the shake rely on the simple strength of their joint creativity and their shared faith that songwriting is - and always will be - a band's most essential instrument. They have been called "the American Arctic Monkeys, with a little bit of Muse thrown in for good measure;" (Hollie Jones, Secret Sound Shop) were named one of the 28 Best Bands of CMJ 2010 by BlackBook Magazine and; were the headlining band of the publication's CMJ Showcase this year. The Shake are proof that forward-thinking Rock n Roll is alive and well, even in the nucleus of the revivalist-centric scene that is New York City in 2011. Tune in again!!