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So yeah, 31 today (Dec 1st).. I'm old and I sure feel it. The first sign of getting old, which is the reason for my renewed interest in getting back to the gym is over the past year my metabolism has definitely slowed down a little bit. If I can get rid of the cold I want to make the gym a regular occurrence along with my fitbit to get a little more in shape. That's going to be a goal for this year. Anyway not exactly sure who to thank but since Sunday I've been feeling pretty miserable with the flu or something. The good news is I *THINK* I've seen the worst of it and hopefully am on the mends. I just need to be fully recovered before Tuesday so I can enjoy my vacation! Oh also birthday shoutout to orbiter DailyAnnabel whose birthday is the day after mine, and congrats to my friend 'Thalagyrt' who just had their first kid on the 30th! I told them they needed to hold off one more day but whatever! :) Here is my birthday video from last year: Main video music by: End music by: My PO Box: Urgo PO Box 37237 Raleigh, NC 27627-7237 Track your YouTube Stats Like me on facebook! Follow me on twitter! Google Plus anyone? Subscribe to me on YouTube! You're already here, just hit subscribe Check out my second channel if you want even more!