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There is no fight in this video, but it's a rather incredibly important part of the story if you're to understand the next video I'm uploading and who Zidane really is. The video reveals Garland's true purpose, who Kuja really is, and who Zidane really is. *Plot* So Zidane & company arrive on Terra. The feel of the place is quite different from Gaia, but not different in a retarded futuristic kind of way. The music in this place is quite calm and relaxing. They travel to Bran Bal, the seemingly only town in Terra. There they find people that look exactly like Zidane. Zidane, never knowing where he really came from, having no knowledge of his parents, for the first time sees others that look just like him, quite obviously suggesting he is also from Terra. So they explore the town more to find out that these beings that look just like Zidane also appear to have no souls of their own, and seem to be lifeless dolls. The only one that seems to have a personality of her own, if even, is the girl who Zidane followed here. She reveals a little of what they are. *Spoilers for video* Most of it is explained in the video for Zidane's true origin. I don't really need to type it out, so just watch. Garland taunts Zidane into going to his castle to find out who he is. Zidane does it with the intention of taking him out right now. This goes down hill after Garland starts explaining things...The whole scene also explains a few earlier dialog, such as how Kuja recognized Zidane at the end ...