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I consider this a pretty epic part of the game, and also pretty important bunch of scenes that explains a lot of what Kuja intends to do later on. Fight Start: 6:05 Fight End: 9:06 *Plot* A lot has happened gameplay wise since the last video. Zidane & company eventually found Kuja in Desert Palace only to walk into a trap, where Zidane had to choose 3 other members to accompany him to Oeilvert to retrieve something for Kuja. The catch with the place was that magic was useless, so you wouldn't want to bring magic users. Oeilvert was on the Forgotten Continent, a new continent. While in Oeilvert, the group discovers some weird holograms of what appears to them as ancient history. It would be major spoilers to explain it in detail, but the group does not really figure it out. Back at Desert Palace, Kuja decides to just kill the rest of the group, but they manage to escape before hand. When Zidane & others return, they go to confront Kuja, only to find out he kidnaps Eiko, which appeared to be part of his plan. The group then has to travel to Mount Gulug (throwback to FFI) to find Kuja. So they travel to the final continent, the Lost Continent. There, they go through Esto Gaza and through Mount Gulug to where this video starts off. *Spoilers for video* So Zorn & Thorn start to preform the Extraction that was used on Dagger to get her Eidolons. It fails, and they find out Mog was stopping it. It was never really shown in my videos up to this point, but Mog follows around Eiko ...