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or Bionic contact lenses have been in development for several years! Engineers at the University of Washington have been working on contact lenses with circuits in them with the goal of being able to display words or images in your line of sight, like in Terminator movies. A prototype which can display a tiny LED light has successfully been tested in the eyes of rabbits... proving that it should be safe for humans! The goal is for the lenses to be used for reading short emails, text messages and news. In the future possibilities are pretty amazing. It could act as your GPS while you're driving, help you look up information, and even augment reality. These lenses contain electronic circuits are made from metal that is one-thousandth the thickness of a human hair. The LED light is one-third of a millimeter in diameter. The circular antenna connects to a power source, which right now is a nearby wireless battery. The engineers are saying the lenses could also be helpful in monitoring blood sugar levels in the body and sending out a signal in case of an emergency. Let's imagine what the future could look like the battery could be in an earpiece, where you could control the lens display by using voice recognition, like Siri. Your computer/phone and additional controls could be in your watch. You could have night vision. Maybe you could zoom into things. And what about entertainment and gaming? This would take virtual reality to a new level, in many ways. It's only a matter ...