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More bad ass scenes with a couple of the most memorable scenes in the game (and entire series). I cut out some of the small in between stuff. It was a tough call to decide on which order to put this up between the last video and this. The last video technically happens in between this video, you just don't see it. *Plot* Basically the whole party is returning to Alexandria (Dagger never left) because they find out Alexandria is in trouble. The rest you'll figure out by watching the video. But just in case you don't... *Video spoilers* As you saw in the Kuja Vs Bahamut video, Kuja appears to have the ability to take control of Eidolons and have them turn on the one who summoned them. Kuja tried this on Alexandar, only to fail. You find out the "eye in the sky" is actually part of a giant unknown airship. A dark figure reveals that he sent Kuja to Gaia (this planet) for a different purpose than what Kuja is doing, so he attempts to put a stop to it. Kuja realizes this and flees the scene. Alexandria ends up being nearly completely destroyed by the airship. After this video, you find out when you go to Lindblum that Dagger has lost her voice (apparently from all the stress this caused). This makes Dagger nearly USELESS for a while on Disc 3. Her moves will randomly fail because "she cannot concentrate." Which is not good, since she's a White Mage. If you can avoid using her until she gets her voice back, do so (unless you're determined to learn more Summons and Abilities ...