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READ MORE FOR INFINITE KNOWLEDGE (about this video) ;) Music by HEY! Welcome to dare mattg. Based on user comments and questions taken from youtube comments, twitter tweets, facebook wall posts. I have put together the newest episode of dare mattg. I answer your hard hitting important questions and do your silly yet fun to do dares. GET READDY!! So in this episode we make dinosaur sounds, grow our big manly beards out and never ever shave them! We eat really hot peppers as ghosts then drink milk out of a plastic bag, we taylor pants out of bubble wrap, we dump ice down our pants and chill our neither regions, We make sure our red shirts fit well under our other clothes, we talk piercings (SOME MORE), Soft drinks, Canada and why its awesome! I never lie to anybody, We explore sexual safety and why its important to wear condoms on your head as to not contract 1000 diseases this holiday season, I tell you all about how awesome my sex life isn't and then i become a vegetable.. yeah.. I was also surprised I could fit this in 4:20 minutes. Let me know what you think of my dare mattg series.. good? bad? i want to know your actual real life for sure thoughts! TELL ME ALL OF YOUR FEELINGS! If you have an interesting dare or question you want featured in the next one leave a comment , tweet @ me with #daremattg or post on my FB wall. I will go threw and pick the best ones for the next video! I LOVE YOU ALL! All my social networking SEND ME STUFF MattG124 PO Box ...