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This is the first of three video walkthroughs / playthroughs / runthroughs / etc of the first Summon Night game for the Game Boy Advance. I chose Pratty as the main character and Sugar as the summon beast. The reason I did this is because I think there are more comical moments with this pairing. This video goes from the start of the game up to after the events getting the dragon fang ore. You'll notice I tend to stick with the sword and drill throughout the game. I do this because it's all I really need. At one point I added some knuckles, but I never really used them, so I eventually ditch those. The beauty of this game is that you can use whatever the heck you want, so if you ever decide to play, you can choose to use some other weapons instead of the ones I did. Also, some of the strategy I used may not be the best, but I did set out to do what I wanted to do, so I'm happy with how things turned out.