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I know some of you are still anxious for KHBBS hacked fights, but please be patient, it'll be a few weeks while I start making them. In the meantime, enjoy these. Tantarian is an optional boss that can only be fought on Disc 2 or Disc 3 at very specific parts. However, it is ideal to fight him on Disc 3 instead of Disc 2. Reasons being, he's much easier on Disc 3, you don't have a time limit like you do on Disc 2 (so you can steal all his items), and you'll have better equipment with better Abilities so you can make full use of the AP you win in this fight. He can be found in Alexandria Castle in the Library. There is a book on top of a shelf. Speak to it and it will let you challenge it. *Plot* There is no plot for this boss. *Strategy* Unfortunately you have a slight difference in parties depending on when you take on this boss. If you do it on Disc 2, you have Steiner instead of Amarant. I will be writing this if you're taking him on in Disc 3, as that's the best time to fight him. Alright, so with a proper set up, you can make it so you will take practically no damage in this fight. With the wrong setup, the boss will tear you to shreds, annoyingly. Before going into the fight, make sure everyone is equipped with Antibody. The boss constantly casts a Poison spell at certain points, so that's a bunch of turns you don't want to waste curing yourselves. Super easy ability to get, everyone should have had it since Disc 1 (Except Amarant). On Disc 2 you should have ...