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And 23 other questions answered. The ones I missed were: H: Why are hydrocarbons insoluble in water: Because hydrocarbons are non-polar and water is polar and, y'know, like dissolves like. I: Why are insects attracted to light: This is hard to answer because there are lots of theories but no one is 100% sure. X: Why are X-Rays dangerous? Because they can penetrate deeply into our bodies, and yet still interact with them. So they can potentially knock atoms out of place in your DNA, causing mutations which could cause cancer and other disease. THE QUESTIONS! Why are Asians so smart? Why are barns red? Why are Cuban Cigars Illegal? Why are Dina and Caroline Fighting? Why are Enzymes important? Why are Flamingos Pink? Why are Grapes bad for dogs? Why are hydrocarbons insoluble in water? Why are insects attracted to light? Why are Jews Liberal? Why are Kardashian's famous? Why are leaves green? Why are manhole covers round? Why are noble gasses unreactive? Why are oceans salty? Why are plants green? Why are q-tips called q-tips? Why are republicans so stupid? Why are significant figures important? Why are they called carpetbaggers? Why are unions bad? Why are veins blue? Why are we here? Why are X-Rays dangerous? Why are Yawns contagious? Why are Zombies so popular?