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Make Your Own Air Fresheners out of Gelatin! Merry Trailer Park Christmas! Up Next On Trailer Park Crafts With Jolene! Director's Cut! This classic episode has been a favorite for over three years on YouTube! It's now been restored to HD and includes never before seen scenes! It was originally also intended to be a Christmas episode! Join Jolene Sugarbaker The Trailer Park Queen inside The Trailer Park Test Kitchen as she whips up a batch of her Gelatin Air Fresheners for the Holidays! Save Your Money And Budget Too! Jolene's super simple Air Fresheners are so easy to make, and it keeps you from having to pay eight dollars or more for oil refills! By using old baby food jars, you're also recyling too! OOOH! Questions for you: What is your favorite scent? What would you decorate yours with? Please Thumbs Up, Comment, Forward, Subscribe and Favorite! You can write me any time at my website, I love hearing from you! Jolene would love to see pictures of your Fresheners! Send pictures! Love, Jolene Sugarbaker The Trailer Park Queen http Contains all Licensed or Created Music