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Local news report was a rare exception to the pattern of mainstream media's blackout of the story that the police were imposing a media blackout. Chris Glorioso's reporting was a rare exception to media blackout of NYPD's suppression of reporting on OWS eviction. SEE Representative Press Blog: PASS IT ON ☛ Occupy Crackdown Targets Journalists "For the past two months I have been tracking journalist arrests at Occupy protests around the country. Tuesday, Nov. 15, was the worst day yet in terms of police suppression of the press." Press Suppression at Occupy Wall Street Raid "Around 1:00am on Tuesday, Nov 15th, the NYPD moved in to clear Zuccotti Park of all protestors and equipment. Over the next 12 hours, both independent and mainstream journalists were prevented from covering the story, and 8 credentialed journalists (including AP, NPR, NY Daily News) were arrested." "Reporters from news organizations big and small all flocked down to the park once word broke that police were clearing out, and there they found police who were hostile, barred them from entering the area, and even in a few cases, got violent. It was very clear that the police and Mayor Bloomberg did not want the press, or the rest of America to see what was happening here. The mainstream media gave coverage to the fact that the raid happened, but didn't even mention the fact that journalists were being barred from covering it ...