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Peaches En Regalia (Frank Zappa) -- Axe-Fx II - Played by Ketil Strand I was originally planning to include this early Zappa classic (from the 1969 "Hot Rats" album) as a part of my other video "(R)evolution of Rock Guitar-part 5: Fusion/Jazzrock"; a compilation of short versions of various tracks from various fusion/jazzrock guitarists, but decided to make a separate video with the full version of "Peaches.." instead. I also feel that Frank Zappa is in a category of his own, so it didn't seem fair to put him together with the others either.. ;-) This also put my new Axe-Fx II (and programming skills..) to test, as my goal was to play almost all the orchestral parts with only one guitar and the Axe-Fx II (and of course my Fractal Audio MFC-101 Midi foot controller plus 4 exp pedals). So there are lots of "intelligent harmonizer" and "custom shift/custom scales" stuff going on here, plus "guitar synth" and other effects, all coming from the Axe-Fx II. The backing track has only drums, bass and keyboards on some sections, the rest is just Guitar/Axe-Fx. Follow the on-screen text for details. Audio recorded direct with Cubase, no extra "tricks" done in the mix or anything, it's all coming from the Axe-Fx (except the backing tracks of course..) European distributor of Fractal Audio/Axe-Fx: Please check out my new solo album; «Axe-Files», where I'm using the Axe-Fx Ultra (previous model) exclusively. It's available for purchase/download here: itunes ...