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Certain moments define nations, shape a people and set in motion currents that turn the tide of history. After World War 2, the United States and the Soviet Union faced off in an ideological battle that brought the world to the brink of destruction. The conflict would never produce direct armed confrontation between the two countries, but it mobilized minds as never before. Science and technology, arts and culture, even sports became means to establish superiority. The Cold War was the ultimate psychological battle. Its weapons were Love, Hate and Propaganda. The documentary series Love Hate and Propaganda: The Cold War shows the development of media manipulation, from the heavy handed and sometimes comical propaganda of the 50s to the 'black operations' of intelligence agencies in the 60s to the finely-tuned spin machines of the 80s. It reveals how governments and the industries of persuasion -- marketing, advertising and public relations -- operate in shaping what we believe. Twenty years after the official end of the Cold War, its scars remain in broken lives in countries around the world. Its legacy is with us in other ways. Its battles, its language, its propaganda still shape the way we think, the world we live in. On its main battlefield -- our hearts and minds -- the Cold War may not yet be over. 3 disc DVD English & French 5.1 audio Closed Captioned Bonus Content