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or "Like" us on facebook - Bu çekim "ANK Cafe" terasında gerçekleştirilmiştir. Sunum: Cenk Hasdal / BTV Istanbul Yapımcısı Although The Free Licks could be categorised as an alt-rock band, its members' varied styles and influences make it much more than that. The band's story is one of passion, deception, camaraderie, many chord changes. It starts with Ekin Kışlalı, a Turkish singer-songwriter raised in the United States of America. Empassionated by the emerging alternative and grunge scene during his college years he started writing his own songs since then. In 2010 he came across Cem Konuk, a zen bass player in Istanbul's various rock bands and a bass teacher, while working on the songs written they decided to form a band , a band that could last and make the musics of there own. On the way , they met with Jay Bird, Veli Erisim Meral and Arda Algul. Realizing that their wide musical range would suit perfectly to what they all wanted to creat. So the finally complete band (at least until it wants to expand more) was writing new material faster than a speeding bullet and performing them along with the older stuff. As the new material was the result of a collaborative effort they decided to change the band's name simply to "The Free Licks." The band's material and audience rapidly increasing, in June 2011 they began recording their album which they are also self producing. Soon the album will be ready and The Free Licks ...