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There is no boss fight in this video, just a bunch of awesome scenes, some of which are the best in the game. I thought about cutting out a lot of the in between stuff, but decided against it. 13 minutes isn't terribly long, and you do learn a lot about Kuja in this fight. Also, IMO, this game had the best Bahamut. This was before they turned him into a dumb mecha looking dragon. In fact, FFVII-FFIX all had great Bahamut designs, but this one was my favorite as it looked most realistic. The only stuff cut out is the walking parts and the few forced fights against the Mist spawn enemies, nothing worth bumping up the time to 16-18 minutes for. Also, there's a small part in the FMV near the end with Bahamut disappearing that normally nearly freezes in the game, so I cut out that tiny part. *Plot* After defeating Soulcage of the Iifa Tree, you return to Madian Sari (Eiko's home). Shortly after some scenes, you find out Eiko is kidnapped by one of the bounty hunters (Lani). Zidane makes a plan to go get her back, but it gets thwarted by her. However, the other bounty hunter knocks Eiko out of her hands as he finds that method of bounty hunting to be disgraceful. This hunter, known as Amarant, appears to know Zidane and battles him 1 vs 1. I skipped that fight, but it's really easy if you're leveled enough and know how to heal with items safely, among other simple tactics. When the fight ends, Lani escapes and Amarant stops you on the way out back to the Iifa Tree to join your ...