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Please excuse this delayed Tech Update, we were busy disproving 11/11/11 prophecies, doomsday allocations, binary meanings, and of course having the day off for Veteran's day. Going to kick off today's Tech Update with pretty much the only news you need to hear about today, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This game is as beastly as Logan's co-host, scoring above and beyond in every review out there to the point that if you haven't bought this game, we're assuming you have no hands and even so, get someone to buy it and play for you. In other gaming news MW3 destroys every entertainment medium in first days sales ever in a whopping 400 million sales in 24 hours. Tech news featured today involve some crazy cellphones, cyber bot nets busted up, net neutrality winning big, and a chopper using a yoga ball for landing gear. Also before the internets starts running wild in the comment's section, Maks has left the studio for bigger and better things in New York so sadly he was replaced with a Tech Savvy Yeti, we here wish him all the best. Monster Links: MW3: Quake was made today: Operation Ghost Click: Nvidia Beta Skyrim Drivers: AMD 8 core GPU for Superphones, Tablets, TV's: Skyrim: Performance: Reviews: BF3 Peta: Net Neutrality: Crazy Chopper: