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A lot has happened since the last video in the game, and their journey has lead them to the bottom of the Iifa Tree. *Plot* So way back after the last video, stuff happens in Lindblum that causes the party to realize they have to travel to another continent if they want to stop Kuja from manipulating the Queen. Everything that has been happening in the game so far has been on only one Continent (Mist Continent). They now have to travel to the Outer Continent. So to do this they go through Qu's Marsh, where you're forced to get Quina as a party member if you haven't already. Quina is needed to "show you" where to go for that secret path. You're taken through Fossil Roo, where you encounter one of the two bounty hunters the Queen sent after Dagger for her Necklace thing, whose name is Lani. I skipped that fight, but she loses of course. After you emerge on the other side of the giant cave path, you are in the new Continent. You visit a village, and then you travel through a huge forest to find the Black Mage Village. You find out that's where all the Black Mages escaped that became aware of their existence. You also find out that they are dying, and that they seem to have a limit to their life span. Next, you travel through the Mountain Path where you meet Eiko, who appears to be a thief. Zidane saves her life, which causes her to like him the entire game. You follow her to her village, where you find out she's the sole survivor of the village and alone. Eiko then leads you ...