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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about Molon Labe, “the Shrine of Feline Listeners”, the government wanting to spy on you through streetlights and use of pre-crime software, chopped and screwed hip-hop, DJ Screw, Casper City council doesn’t want to keep guns out – they want to keep GUN PEOPLE out, FileShredder, Ted Nugent and Gene Simmons being statist; consensual safe, sane BDSM S&M vs. government tyranny (no safeword!); Federal government proposes Christmas tree tax to promote sales, plea deals are blackmail, and how the Military-Industrial-Police-Educational-Pharmaceutical Complex in the form of The Twin Rivers Police Officers Association are selling a t-shirt depicting a child behind bars with the slogan “U Raise em, We Cage em.” Michael and Neema wonder, when people say “not my president”, are they seceding? They address the Occupy Movement and tell them how what they should really be demonstrating isn’t Wall Street but rather the Federal Reserve. They discuss the Redemption Movement and the FCC and DHS takeover of all TV and Radio for a 1984-esque “Two-Minutes’ Hate, Obama telling us “You’ll be on your own if the Republicans win” (as if). Then they eulogize Joe Fraizer, Heavy D and Milton William Cooper – the liberty radio broadcast pioneer killed by cops ten years ago last week.