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This is the 3rd and final Beatrix fight in the game. *Plot* In the previous video, you saw the Queen say she was going to execute Dagger (further showing she does not care for her safety anymore). Zidane overheard this and so everyone rushed over to Alexandria to try to save her. After taking out Zorn and Thorn (I skipped this fight because it was sort of a pointless fight), they try to escape with Dagger only to get stopped by Zorn and Thorn who is accompanied by Beatrix. -Spoilers for video- After the fight, Zidane reminds Beatrix what she's supposed to do (Protect the princess), which then convinces Beatrix to ignore the Queen's orders and go against her. The video ends with Freya teaming up with Beatrix to stop the Queen from getting Dagger while everyone else escapes. A battle starts and you get to play as Beatrix and Freya! You get to use all of Beatrix's moves as well. She pretty much one shots the enemies easily. *Strategy* The first fight is once again, same as before. Timed, so just survive (and steal her items!). The second fight is super easy, since Beatrix is a power house, as you'd expect. She alone should be able to take out the enemies with Climhazzard (her strongest multi-hit move) and Shock (strongest move). Watch out for the enemies hitting you with Sleep though. You get to do more escape fights with these two (and Zidane & Company), but I left them out. Now before you get excited about having Beatrix in your party, she's not there to stay. Having a ...