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As Violet tries on dresses to wear on her wedding day; Harvey and the rest of the Roommates give her pre-wedding jitters. Later that night Marie bursts into the Roommates house to confront her nemesis Peyton about the previous episode in which Peyton kissed Justin (Marie's boyfriend.) The explosion yields some secrets of the past that, up to now, were hidden. Want to know more about those secrets? Then watch this episode of Roommates! Roommates is a webisodic reality series that follows the lives of eight college friends after graduation. Four of the girls have moved to Los Angeles to live in a rent-free house wired with cameras, while the other four participate and interact remotely through video blogs. Interact will all of the Roommates and see their profiles at MySpace . com/Roommates -- http://www Download Music from ROOMMATES using SNOCAP on the Roommates Profile Page at This webisode features the song: 'Lock and Key' by Alcoholiday