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or to watch: HOW U C DAMAGE? Episode #1 (Team Fortress 2 Gameplay/Commentary)HOW U C DAMAGE? "Screen, Caber and Wee Booties" Episode #2 by Shibby2142 (Team Fortress 2)Hey everyone, Shane here, Shibby2142. Here is the second episode of my new show for Machinima, HOW U C DAMAGE? I see damage and hopefully you do too. If you enjoyed this video come check out my channel! That would really help me out.Submit comments such as "Hey Shibby, ______________________ , HOW U C DAMAGE?" Something like that would work, make sure you have the 'how u c damage' part or I will not select your suggestion for the next episode!DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL:Shibby2142'S FACEBOOK:'S TWITTER:'S STEAM GROUP (Server info etc): this Respawn video to see:How to see damage.How to not see damage in certain cases.How to use a fail loadout.How to require medical assistance.Join the Respawn Army - Sign up today! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Follow Machinima on Twitter!Machinima Gaming Respawn Entertainment, Technology, Culture MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: shibby2142 shibby 2142 shane rocket rocketman fps gameplay commentary TF2 team fortress 2 "team fortress 2" valve steam f2p scout soldier pyro demoman heavy weapons medic sniper spy engineer "HOW U C DAMAGE" new help trick tip hint tutorial media machinima update news hd high max 720p