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Join us on for the latest updates on 'DAM999 3D' 'DAM999' is a concept rich movie that highlights a DAM Disaster. An earth quake followed by a tsunami wave and land slide causes a dam disaster which results in flood. The enigmatic number nine and Navarasa ( Nine Emotions) has lots of importance in the movie. That's the idea steering the 'DAM 999' story and the nine lead characters in it. 'DAM 999' brings into play the long standing concept of Navarasa but in a way that is exceptionally original. Each character in the movie is the personification of one rasa. Their nature, the intensity of their reactions, their strengths, their failings - all guided by the rasa they represent, which in turn shape the story of 'DAM 999'. Navarasa makes the movie the only one of its kind ever produced. Highlights of DAM 999: # Inspired by true life incidents # A re-creation of biggest man-made disaster # An epic voyage through 5000 years of Indian heritage # An emotional thriller of mystic dimensions # Linked to the turbulent life of mariners # Shot in the largest ever production studio # Star studded crew with National and International award winners