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or - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Hey everyone, thanks for tuning back into clevver movies, Im Tatiana carrier with the latest on the Oscar contraversay that has everyone in hollywood asking, WHO WILL HOST THE OSCARS?! We just reported yesterday that both brett ratner and eddie murphy have stepped down from Oscar duties...first ratner who was dealing with backlash from tasteless comments, then followed murphy whos loyalties to ratner were bigger than his want to host the Oscars. Now everyones asking, who will take their place? Well, Brian Grazer has stepped up to produce, and now a certan group is being campaigned to host...that GROUP im speaking of are non other than...the muppets. Over 19000 Facebook users (and counting) are hoping for with their latest social media campaign titled — you guessed it — The Muppets Should Host the 2012 Oscars to manifest this year. While other are hoping that billy crystal returns to the academy awards, the Muppets are back in a big way, and would make for some pretty legendary MC's. Kermit -- obviously the master of ceremonies, Fozzie Bear could do the opening monologue---certain to get some giggle, and my homegirl, Miss Piggy could take over the red carpet joan rivers style. While this all seems utterly an entire show with muppets could be tricky and probably will piss off the high brows of the instituation, but we gotta give the people props for trying! So the real ...