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Yay for ending 1 of the game. Venom 2 will be up tomorrow and the credits Wednesday. Planet Details: Venom 1 Overall difficulty: Technically listed as easy but more like Medium Bronze 120 Silver/Story 150 Gold 180 *You only need to get a medal through either Venom 1 or 2, they both follow different score lists though, the one given is for Venom 1. Personally I prefer 2 for my medal but the difficulty of that path is keeping your team alive. Preceded by: Bolse Boss - Golemech, shoot that coward down for doing nothing wrong you heartless evil murderer. Final Boss - Andross, well, shoot his eyes, shoot his hands, bomb his mouth, and then shoot his ugly face. Video Question: What is your least favorite planet/level/mission? (Gee, wonder what Venom 2's question will be...) Planet Opinion: As usual, what is your opinion of the planet covered and if you have played the game, what is your high score. Thank You and Enjoy! Visit my YouTube Channel at Visit my Facebook at Visit my Twitter at Visit the SS Forums at