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Skip to 9:35 to ignore the in game credits, although it is quite peaceful music. Anyways, another walkthrough has come and went, quickly, that might be one of the fastest walkthroughs I've done and it was the most fun I've had making videos in a long time. My future plans currently encompass Mario 3D Land as soon as it's released. I did plan to do something to bridge the gap, but I have decided to follow a different schedule than what I said when I filmed this for that particular game. (I did film this a week and a half ago. XD) In addition, many people have asked me about FR/LG, I am currently scheduling this around Christmas, but depending on how several things go, I might push it back behind one other project. Thank You Everyone for Watching my Star Fox 64 3D Walkthrough! I don't really have a video question since it's the last part, but feel free to leave any remarks about the walkthrough, the game, the next walkthrough, ect. As usual, here's the credits, special thanks to anybody who helped me this walkthrough as listed, SS Productions If it wasn't obvious enough, all parts of this walkthrough are commentated, edited, produced, uploaded, and arranged by myself. All content not owned by me is property of it's respective owner(s) where credit has been given, if I have forgotten you, please contact me and I shall add you to the list. All videos both visual and audio are owned myself and TheGameStation. Use of these videos or any content in them without given permission ...