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This video is dedicated to my beautiful single ladies! It's time for another Girl Talk episode. I'm really glad you guys are liking these videos. This month, we are discussing upon the topic of 'boys/relationships'. A lot of you requested for relationships but it's too broad so we'll work segment at a go. Today, we'll be talking about Break Ups. Yikes! Break Ups are tough. They can be frustrating, confusing and heartbreaking. It's a time where we can feel alone. But you know what? Don't be because you're not alone. I'm sure a lot of you girls/guys out there can relate and understand. Are you going through heartache right now? Do you want to get back up on your feet? Of course you do! This video was put together by people all over the World sutmiting their best Break Up advice once again (through twitter/facebook). I answered an 'Ask Bubz' question a while back and used it as guide line too. You can check it out here: I hope you guys find this video helpful. Like I said before, people in your life can distract and guide you but in the end- you're the only one who can really help yourself. Be your own best friend and encourage yourself. You can do it and in time- things will become so much clearer. I'll try to make more Girl Talk episodes rather than once a month. Let's continue to help each other out ^_~ The aircon machine is broke so if you hear bg noise- solly solly! I've been busy lately and should be even busier in the next few weeks. Moving into a ...