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My album, My Dream, is on iTunes: Purchase my album with PayPal:: iTunes Acoustic Version: So basically, Luke Conard told me about this song & asked if I'd want to sing it with him. I loved it and said "yes!" It is such a great song about the life of a musician going out on the road. Don't forget to check Luke out here: He produced this awesome track as well as singing in it. He's wayyy awesome! This video was directed and edited by Aaron, who is unbelievable!! So check his channel out too! Keep in touch with me: facebook: twitter: Thanks for all the support, I love you guys!! xoxo ~Tiffany 'A**' Back Home' as originally by Gym Class Heroes ft. Neon Hitch Written by Benjamin Levin, Ammar Malik, David Silberstein, Travie Mccoy, Matt Mcginley, Eric Roberts, Dan Omelio, Disashi Lumumba Kasongo Published by: Kobalt Music Publishing, EMI Blackwood Music Inc, EMI April Music, Universal Music Publishing, BMG Music Publishing