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Happy Halloween, aside from Venom, this actually is a fairly decent planet for the occasion. =P Planet Details: Zoness Overall difficulty: Hard Bronze 150 Silver/Story 250 Gold 290 Proceeded by: Aquas Advances to Macbeth (standard) or Sector Z (destroy ALL of lthe spotlights) Boss - Sarumarine, bomb the upper valves, bomb the sides, destroy the crane, and bomb some more. Video Question: Wow, screwed up the spelling of Katt in the video horribly. XD What is your opinion of Katt? Also, if you're one who enjoys Halloween and you're going trick-or-treating tonight (or whatever night your neighborhood does Halloween), what are you dressing up as? =P Planet Opinion: As usual, what is your opinion of the planet covered and if you have played the game, what is your high score. Thank You and Enjoy! Visit my YouTube Channel at Visit my Facebook at Visit my Twitter at Visit the SS Forums at