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NEW YORK -- The day Franklin Roosevelt died, America stood still. April 12, 1945 -- and the shock was universal. ... Sixty-six years have passed since the day FDR died. The world has moved on and so has the nation. Yet the sadness of that moment endures in history. (end snip) April 1945. The end of the war in Europe was in sight as the allied armies pressed their invasion into the German heartland. In Washington, President Roosevelt's health had noticeably deteriorated. His ashen-grey complexion and physical weakness raised concerns for his health among friends, family and associates. The president needed a rest, a chance to recuperate and regain his strength. Accordingly, the president once again traveled to the "Little White House" in Warm Springs, Georgia. With him went an entourage of friends and relatives. FDR had first visited this health spa, noted for its healing mineral waters, twenty-one years earlier in an effort to find relief for his paralyzed lower body. Roosevelt looked forward to two weeks of relaxation. At 1 PM on April 12, Roosevelt sat in the living room of his cottage surrounded by friends and family. As he signed letters and documents, an artist stood painting his portrait at an easel nearby. The conversation was lively, the atmosphere congenial. The president turned to the artist and reminded her that they had only fifteen minutes left in the session. Suddenly, he grabbed his head complaining of a sharp pain. The president was suffering a massive ...