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Play games - Facebook - http Fire surge, primal 2 hander and Hexhunter bow doing what they do best, owning! ;D I've been wanting to make a dung max hit vid for a while, I could finally get started when I got a blood necklace drop a few weeks ago. -Music- Intro music by David Orr -Main Music- 77 days 'til doomsday by Arrayan Path Facebook - http Online Store - Song used with permission from Pitch Black Records. http Thanks to Akram, Alberta6, Poke R14, Warfare52, Andy Sla and Ave Satan for their help. ==FAQ/Info== Primal 2H max The max hit shown in this video is using PROMETHIUM boots, rather than primal. It is possible to hit a little higher if you bind primal boots. However in my case this would mean destroying a hex, which is a pretty fucking silly choice to say the least, I'll be keeping my hex. =P You can also add some more damage by using overload (with the boot bind), overload boosts strength to 125, whereas strong melee pots only raise it to 124. Why not max ______? There are plenty of weapons in dung I could have done, but I wanted to focus on some of the more interesting ones. I was planning to do primal maul since it can hit the highest, but realised the difference in strength bonus between that and a p2h is so small it really seemed like a waste of time doing both. So I just went with the 'best' weapon from each of the 3 combat styles.