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iPhone 4S Review - Worthy Upgrade? iPhone 4S Review -- Worth the Upgrade? (video) By Jon Rettinger on October 20, 2011 (48 minutes ago) in iPhone, Reviews, Videos There's a huge sense of familiarity when holding the iPhone 4S. Following the device's announcement, it was decried by a large portion of consumers -- "It's the same phone!" -- and to an extent, they were correct. Comparing the iPhone 4S to last year's model side-by-side, there's virtually no discernible difference between the two; it's much the same way Apple handled the 3G and 3GS upgrade. Although the iPhone 4S may not have been the upgrade folks were looking for, that doesn't mean it hasn't enjoyed tremendous popularity since it went on sale. Judging by the numbers, familiarity can sometimes be a good thing, especially when you consider the iPhone 4′s excellent design, something most companies have still yet to match. The internals are the real story, however, as much has been improved since last year's model, including a faster processor, upgraded camera and the all new Siri voice assistant. We've had the iPhone 4S for a little under a week, and while there is a noticeable difference between the 4 and 4S when loading applications and browsing the web, it isn't mind-blowingly faster. Apple gave a lot of attention to Siri and her capabilities, touting its convenience and ease-of-use. While Siri is good fun and does make tasks like setting appointments, speech-to-text and checking weather easier, I often found ...