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Correction: Oct. 14th was not full moon, but, Oct. 11th was. See related statistics below. Moon Phase on October 14th, 2011 The stats below is from [ ] Moonrise 7:34 PM Moonset: 10:06 AM Azimuth Moonrise: 60° Azimuth Moonset: 298° Time: 2:29 AM Altitude: 62.9° Distance: 405313 KM Illuminated: 95.6% The stats below is from [ ] US Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department Sun and Moon Data for One Day The following information is provided for Eagan, Dakota County, Minnesota (longitude W93.2, latitude N44.8) Friday 14 October 2011 Central Daylight Time SUN Begin civil twilight 6:57 am Sunrise 7:27 am Sun transit 12:59 pm Sunset 6:30 pm End civil twilight 7:00 pm MOON Moonrise 7:01 pm on preceding day Moon transit 2:29 am Moonset 10:05 am Moonrise 7:35 pm Moonset 11:03 am on following day Phase of the Moon on 14 October: waning gibbous with 94% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated. Full Moon on 11 October 2011 at 9:07 pm Central Daylight Time. ---------------------------------- I wanted to find out the pros and cons on this lens and didn't find enough web footage. After the 2200mm the lens shook a lot. It was challenging with mono-pod today, and will use a good tripod next time. Thanks to my neighbors for being kind and understanding when I shot the footages. I made some correction in description. There was an additional 2x-teleconverter attached between the lens and t-mount adapter. So it's actually double the measurement ...