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USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN Aircraft Carrier - Lincoln's contract was awarded to Newport News Shipbuilding on 27 December 1982; her keel was laid 3 November 1984 at Newport News, Virginia. The ship was launched on 13 February 1988 and commissioned on 11 November 1989. She cost $4.5 billion in 2007 dollars. The USS Abraham Lincoln dimensions are usually given in football fields (more than three end to end) and acreage (4.5-acre deck surface). Breaking it down to more familiar terms, Abe stretches 1092 feet bumper to bumper, has a 206-foot height, boasts a 97000-ton curb weight, and carries a $4.5 billion retail price. This is the world's largest vehicle and the planet's most powerful warship. The Abraham Lincoln personnel consume 660 gallons of milk, 620 pounds of hamburger, 800 pounds of vegetables, 900 pounds of fruit, 180 dozen eggs, and 13000 sodas over the course of 20000 daily meals.